Mathilde Heu

Biography (En)

Mathilde Heu (b. 1993) is a Swiss artist and Illustrator based in London. Her work spans a wide range of practices including drawing, writing, installation, illustration and 2D animation.

Often of large scale and immersive by their nature, her installations and panorama-like drawings invite the audience to wander in landscapes or soundscapes that play with our senses and sense of scale.

“Heu is less interested in analogy, in drawing equivalences, than in those moments when we lose the sense of what we’re looking at, when we’re overwhelmed by what things could be.” "[She] trains in on the small, the close at hand, the contingent and the otherwise neglected" Kit Webb

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Biographie (Fr)

Mathilde Heu (née en 1993) est une artiste  multidisciplinaire Suisse originaire du Valais (St-Luc) qui vit et travaille à Londres. En 2016, Heu reçoit son diplôme en Arts Visuels à l’EDHEA (anciennement ECAV), et s’installe à Londres afin d’entreprendre un Master en Art Contemporain (option Critical Practice,  Royal College of Art), qu’elle obtient avec mention en 2018.  

Souvent d’échelles monumentales et immersives par leur nature, les installations présentées par Mathilde Heu invitent le public à se perdre dans des paysages, visuels ou sonores, qui jouent sur les sens et engagent le corps tout entier.

"Heu s'intéresse moins à l'analogie, à dessiner des équivalences, qu'à ces moments où nous perdons le sens de ce que nous regardons, où nous sommes submergés par ce que les choses pourraient être." Kit Webb

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Portfolio previous years


2019 Illustration


'Master in Contemporary Art Practice (Critical Practice Pathway)' | Royal College of Art | London (UK), 2018.

'Bachelor in Visual Arts' | ECAV (édhéa) | Sierre (CH), 2016.


'Animated Women's Self-Portraits', AR Portraits Art Walk  | Amsterdam and Utrecht (NL), 2021.

'KMDT contemporary dance production: Greater Than Lion', Messums Wiltshire | Wiltshire (UK), 2021.

'A Dance Of Scale' | Assembly Point |  London (UK), 2019.

'Le Grand K' | Science Museum | London (UK), 2019.

'Le Grand K' | Gossamer Fog | London (UK), 2019.

'HIX Award' | Coutts Bank - The Strand | London (UK), 2019.

'HIX Award Show' | HIX Gallery | London (UK), 2018.

'Final Show' | Royal College of Art | London (UK), 2018.

'Are You Ready' | Museum of London | London (UK), 2017.

'Final Show' | Halles USEGO| Sierre (CH), 2016.

'D'un monde à l'autre' | Halles de Porrentruy | Porrentruy (CH), 2015.

'JJ/MM/AAAA' | Espace de la Grenette | Sion (CH), 2015.

'Le Grenier 7th edition' | Le Grenier | Lausanne (CH), 2014.

Stage Design

'KMDT contemporary dance production: Greater Than Lion', Messums Wiltshire | Wiltshire (UK), 2021.

Publications / self-publications

'The Oyster' | self-publication | London (UK), 2019.

'After Image' | self-publication | London (UK), 2019.

'Infrathin in Translation' | Shades of Noir | London (UK), 2019.

'Is that a Ghost in the Shell?' | Le grand K | London (UK), 2019.

'Archive of the Forgetting' | Are you Ready? | London (UK), 2017.


'Animated Women's Self-Portraits', AR Portraits Art Walk  | Amsterdam and Utrecht (NL), 2021.

'Thought Bubble'
, Comic Art Festival (online edition) | Leeds (UK), 2020.

'In Time of the Breaking of Nations' with the Poetry Archive, open call, animated video poem | London (UK), 2021.

'Animated Women's Self-Portraits', AR Portraits Art Walk  | Amsterdam and Utrecht (NL), 2021.

Mark Kelly, music video clip 'Reflection', Vevey (CH), (Upcoming)

Chronyko Ltd, Game Teaser Animatic, Reading (UK), 2020.

"Samos - The Faces of our Border" directed by Shams Abou El Enein, Sion (CH), 2020.


'Official Selection 2021 for music video 'Reflection' | Upcoming Film Makers 2021 | Lucerne 2021) | CH, 2021.

'Official Selection 2021 for music video 'Reflection' | AAN (Art All Night - Trenton 2021) | USA, 2021.

'Official Selection 2021 for music video 'Reflection' | Insomnia | Russia, 2021.

'Winner Best Animation April 2021 award for music video Reflection' | Short To The Point| Romania, 2021.

'HIX Art Award' | People's Choice Winner | London (UK), 2018.

'IAAC' | Travel Bursary to Shanghai | London (UK), 2017.

'Master's Dissertation, Distinction' | Royal College of Art | London (UK), 2017.

'Bachelor's Dissertation, Distinction' | ECAV (édhéa) | Sierre (CH), 2016.


'Hacker-In-Residence' | Imperial College London - Hackspace | London (UK), 2019.

Clients (Illustration)

GoodPoint (UK), 2021
Dinoski, (UK), 2021.
10 Years On, London (UK), 2021.
Chronyko Ltd, Reading (UK), 2019 - 2020.
Dany Jollien, Sierre (CH), 2016, 2020.
Shams Abou El Enein, Sierre (CH), 2020.
BladeBug Ltd, London (UK), 2020.
Sharky And George Ltd, London (UK), 2019-2020.
The Exploration Society, London (UK), 2019-2020.
HIX Restaurants, London (UK), 2019.
Midnight Madness, London (UK), 2019 - 2021.
Atlantis Technologies Ltd, (USA), 2017.
Longshot Features, (USA), 2017.

Skills + Softwares

Animatic + Storyboarding
Project managment

TVPaint 11.5

Adobe Suite CC20 :
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- InDesign
- AfterEffects

Blender (Beginner)
Z-Brush (Beginner)
Formlabs (3D printing)
Wacom Intuos Pro

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