Hi! I am Mathilde Heu, a UK-based illustrator currently living in Canterbury, Kent.

I create bespoke illustrations for websites, historical sites, augmented reality maps, books and more!

My niche is illustrating puzzles. By puzzle I don't mean the usual 'jigsaw' puzzle. Think instead of immersive experiences and games such as treasure hunts, nature trails and puzzle adventures where the goal is to find clues and uncover hidden messages. Each solution you find — often a word or a number — becomes key to either lead you to your next location, or serves as an important clue to solve your next puzzle.

I also illustrate maps for historic sites and tours, festivals, corporate occasions, trips, themed parties... you name it!

I hold a MA from the Royal College of Art (2018) and a BA in Fine Art from the EDHEA (2016). In 2023 I furthered my education with a 3D Game Art Production course and a 2D character design course at Escape Studios (London).

I have worked with the National Trust, Mr Doodle, HarperCollins, Hermès, WWF Wildlife Fund, Commonwealth Secretariat, Great Gotham Challenge, Roarsome, Chetzeron, Chronyko, Sharky & George and Midnight Madness London.

I am the AOI's meet-up host for Kent Illustrators.

Mathilde Heu Illustrator specialising in maps, immersive adventures, puzzles, and bespoke illustration


Video games art production
Pearson College / Escape Studios
London (UK), 2023.
2D charcter design
Pearson College / Escape Studios
London (UK), on-going
Master in Contemporary Art
Royal College of Art
London (UK), 2018.
Bachelor in Visual Arts
ECAV (édhéa)
Sierre (CH), 2016.

Set Design

KMDT: Greater Than Lion
Wiltshire (UK), 2021.

Selected Exhibitions

Autres Mondes
Atelier Créatif Muraz
Sierre (CH), 2022.
A Dance Of Scale
Assembly Point
London (UK), 2019.
Le Grand K
Science Museum
London (UK), 2019.
HIX Award
Coutts Bank
The Strand, London (UK), 2019.
HIX Award Show
HIX Gallery
London (UK), 2018.
Final Show
Royal College of Art
London (UK), 2018.
Are You Ready
Museum of London
London (UK), 2017.
Final Show
Halles USEGO
Sierre (CH), 2016.
D'un monde à l'autre
Halles de Porrentruy
Porrentruy (CH), 2015.
Espace de la Grenette
Sion (CH), 2015.


DYCP grant
Arts Council England
London (UK), 2022.
Official Selection 'Reflection'
Upcoming Film Makers 2021
Lucerne (CH), 2021.
HIX Art Award
HIX award: People's Choice Winner
London (UK), 2018.
Travel Bursary to Shanghai
London (UK), 2017.

A few things I am working on...

puzzle illustration illustrated augmented reality mapIllustrated map
postcard illustration

Drag the artworks around and play the sound